The New Trading for a Living: Psychology, Discipline, Trading Tools and Systems, Risk Control, Trade Management

A well-written book (almost textbook-like) by Dr. Alexander Elderon on practical trading tips and insights into what it means to be a trader. The Trade Apgar Test was described in this book.

The Psychology of Trading: Tools and Techniques for Minding the Markets

Great book on understanding the psychology of trading. Brett is a psychologist by profession and he uses a lot of analogy of why some of the typical trading behavior can also be seen in troublesome patients. He also gives some actionable suggestions at the end of each chapter.

Options as a Strategic Investment

If you truly want to understand options trading and how to use it strategically, this is a great book for that. I don’t recommend reading it from the beginning to the end (I tried it, but it’s pretty dry to just read it like that), but rather use it as a reference for the kind of options trading you want to do.

Charting and Technical Analysis

A great book that summarises various chart patterns. It helps me understand when someone refers to certain technical chart patterns.


Finom Group – Founded by Seth Golden. If you are interested in shorting UVXY, VXX then you should check this website and follow Seth.

Six Figure Investing – Founded by Vance Harwood. If you are into the technical side of things for volatility trading, you should check this out. – I use this site for fundamental analysis. The site provides a great summary page of a company with a lot of metrics for fundamental analysis. It also has a screener to help you find stocks that meet certain criteria.

Tools & Methods

Win Loss Ratio Calculator

Find out if your option position is better than flipping a coin.

Trade Apgar Score

Adapting the “Apgar score” used to measure the physical condition of a newborn infant for trading. A concept developed by Dr. Alexander Elder.

Options Trading Strategies

A collection of trading strategies that I have experimented with over the years.

The Wheel Strategy

A collection of my thoughts and experimental trades with the Wheel Strategy


A collection of my thoughts and experimental trades/strategies with VIX options and VIX-related ETPs.

How to sell Put Options?